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We can supply the Spiral, Tubular & Hollow fiber Membranes. Besides, We are active for specialty membrane system development for Pharmaceuticals & Food Industry, Colours, Dyes & Optical brightener filtration, Water,Waste water recovery ( ZLD ) and E-coat process.


and Waste Water Treatment

Contact us for water and wastewater treatment. We can supply UF/NF/RO membrane system as well as membrane replacement based on your need.

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Cleaning Chemicals

and AntiScalants

We have hands on experience with UF/NF/RO cleaning. And we do site visits to advice cleaning chemicals, protocols and pretreatment chemicals.

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Service & Repair

We can redesign existing any UF/NF/RO plant of any application, make & brand to get maximum output and also we do automation and operator training.

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Vision & Mission

To be the customer's first choice in providing innovative filtration solutions and technology that drives safe, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable solutions.

We provide filtration solutions that deliver valued results that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.. We employ an engineered approach when partnering with our customers to identify and deliver filtration products and services. Through these efforts we contribute toward a more sustainable world while holding ourselves to the highest standards


Membrane Technology

The process of using membrane’s selectivity to separate the different component of liquid is known as membrane separation.

How membrane filtration works

It involves using a semi-permeable membrane to separate a liquid into two distinct streams.